Brique Lar Padilha has successfully promoted

Lar Padilha promoted Solidarity Brique of the entity, on 30 April and 1 May, with the 2nd Festival of Cultural Diversity, held by the Department of Culture, in Labor Park. Clothes, shoes, blankets, jewelry, accessories and decor were sold at affordable prices in order to raise funds to Lar Padilha.

According to the director of the entity, Fernandes Vieira dos Santos, the products are sold in brique, are donations from the community, which does not serve to children and adolescents and are in disuse in the institution. "We take donations not used and are in good condition to sell at rock-bottom prices to assist in monthly demand of the body," says the director.

To volunteer, Magda Rabie, the briques are a way to harness donations turning them into financial resources to the entity. "There is no damage to the home in the realization of briques because everything sold was won. What we noticed is the lack of manpower, as the organization takes a lot of work, it starts days before brique own happen to the separation, evaluation and placement of prices in parts. Some people ask what should be done more briques, but we always need many hands to help and that's what we lack at the moment. If we analyzed, the donations we could hold monthly briques, "said Magda, thanking all the volunteers who helped with this promotion.

VOLUNTEERS - Those interested in registering as a volunteer entity exclusively to work in solidarity briques, you can send e-mail address with name, address and telephone number.

Brique Lar Padilha has successfully promoted - Lar Padilha